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“Before I worked with Ruwan I missed so many opportunities…. Now I have so much more confidence with women. I have more sexual energy. I have more confidence in my intuition.”
— Nathan, former student
A Sneak Preview What You'll Get in the Class:
In this Sexual Magnetism Masterclass you will learn...
  •  How to Effortlessly Attract the Women YOU Want: When your learn to channel your natural sexual magnetism so it courses through your veins, it actually becomes easier to attract the women you actually are attracted to.
  •  4 Kinky Sex Moves From my “Dominance Dojo”: Learn how to tie her up, spank her, and even choke her so that you’re the dominant man she secretly craves.
  •  How to Use “Ecstatic Touch” to Give Her a “Beyond Memorable” Orgasm She’ll Remember for YEARS… (live demonstration). I have one of my lovely friends joining us so I can show you exactly how to touch each part of the female anatomy to make her moan.
What Most Guys DON’T Know About the Art of Sexual Attraction

When it comes to attracting women, have you ever noticed that you can say all the right things to a girl…

Touch her in all the right ways… “escalate” step-by-step how you’re supposed to…

And yet it seems like she’s “out of sync” with you for some reason?

Like has a girl ever misinterpreted something you’ve said or done… almost like you’re on a completely different wavelength?

And she’s not picking up that you’re a sexual being… and will f**k her good… the way you know she secretly wants to be f**ked?

You’re doing everything “right”... and yet you’re not getting the results with women you know you should be?

Well… almost everything…

The "Missing Link" of Attracting Women 
In my experience, you’re probably about 80% of the way there already. 

You’re just missing one crucial ingredient of sexual attraction that most guys overlook.

It all has to do with how women really communicate with men.

As you may already know, women are feeling creatures.

A woman is ruled by her emotions… often completely irrationally.

And a lot of times, she can literally feel the sexual energy you’re projecting.

And if it’s “off”... like if she senses you’re “just a friend” who she can gab with…

Then no matter what you say… no matter the “proven lines” you use… the routines… all of it is going to fall flat on its face…

...because you’re not making her feel sexual enough.
And yet… some guys just ooze raw sexuality...
They can walk into a bar… say a few “normal” things to a waitress… and get her to come home with them within an hour or two of meeting. 

They always seem to have as many dates as they want… and when it comes to sex on the first date, he chooses whether or not he wants to sleep with her… not the other way around.

It’s not that these guys have cash… or huge muscles… or a big d**k… in fact, a lot of these guys are “starving artists” or kinda “scrawny” guys living paycheck to paycheck...

They’ve just learned to harness the raw, sexual magnetism that lays dormant inside every man.

This is the sexual energy that makes her feel like you’re a sexual being… who will make her feel great by giving her orgasm after orgasm…

...without having to do anything “extra” on your end. It just makes everything you already do work that much better because it influences how she feels.

And once you know how to unlock this sexual magnetism that’s already within you… you’ll start to notice a woman reacting a lot differently to you…

You’ll be in a coffee shop… and that cute waitress you’ve always wanted to ask out will start flirting with you...

You might notice her eyes going wide…

Or you might see her bite her lip.

She may seem to be “listening” more intently…

And yeah, she’ll even find reasons to touch you sometimes… you know, kinda “accidentally” at first… but then more and more “deliberately” as time goes on...

In bed… you give her the kind of orgasm she’s only dreamed of… one that leaves her a shaking mass of pleasure… babbling incoherently about the “best she’s ever had”...

Now… mind you... you’re not doing anything differently.

You’re saying the same things you normally do…

You have the exact same body language as usual…

And even in bed… while you’ll have some new tricks you can use… you’ll generally be f**king her like you normally do…

But she’ll feel a lot differently from the outset. She’ll feel like she’s in the presence of a fellow sexual being… so she’ll be a lot more turned on… and won’t hold back.

And her pleasure (and your pleasure) will be so much greater for it...
This ISN’T just some “secret power” that you turn off and on… 
or a “trick” you use from time-to-time…
It’s a part of who you are. It’s always on… and attracting hot women wherever you go. 

Not only that, it makes everything you say and do so much more attractive to her.

Everything you say has this sort of casual sexual energy to it that women love…

Everything you say… every time you touch her… it’s 10 times as effective as it is now because you’re giving off this sexual magnetism everywhere you go...

And whenever you say something watch as her eyes go wide… she licks her lips… and fantasizes about f**king your brains out…

And even when you aren’t trying… you’ll have this raw, sexual energy coursing through your veins day and night… and women can sense it...

They can smell it...

They can feel it…

Those “tingles” she gets “down there” are her body’s natural response to it…

Like an animal… she’ll allow her instincts to take over… let them guide her to you… then to your bedroom… so that you can satisfy her most primal desires.

Join us at 6 pm Eastern (3 pm Pacific) on April 20th for this exclusive Sexual Magnetism Masterclass…

(It’s only for Gotham Club members and subscribers.)

At the end of this course, you’ll know how to ooze sexual magnetism all the time...

...channel your latent sexual magnetism into the world so that women are automatically attracted to you…

...get these girls into bed faster than you ever thought possible…

...and keep them around for as long as you want.

You’ll unlock sexual experiences most men can only dream of… using my top Sexual Magnetism Secrets, including:
  • How to Effortlessly Attract Hot Women. Channel your natural sexual magnetism so it courses through your veins and effortlessly pulls women in, every day, no matter where you go.
  •   3 biological “triggers” that turn her on… and naturally make her want you, even if you’re “just friends,” or she doesn’t even know you… 
  •  Better than Reading Her Mind: know how she sees, feels, and experiences the world… and how to communicate with her on a subconscious, feeling level that’ll skyrocket her attraction to you 
  •  Give any woman you’re with the most powerful orgasm of her life… complete with a live demonstration of the exact steps needed to bring her to true ecstasy she’s never felt before. 
  •  Women love dominant men. Even though I’m kind of a “baby-faced” guy… I’ve gotten girls to call me “daddy,” send me dirty messages and pics during the day, and beg me to do obscene things to them in bed… here’s how you can too… 
  •  4 Kinky Sex Moves From my “Dominance Dojo”: learn how to tie her up, spank her, and even choke her so that you’re the dominant man she secretly craves. 
  •  The Secret to Getting (& Staying) Hard On-Command without pills, injections, or any other “B.S.” claims. 
  •  How to Make Her Feel Like You Have a 10-Inch C**k During Sex using a mysterious technique I learned from in a secret sex temple called “Energetic Penetration” 
And a lot more… 
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Seriously… you’ll never be billed.  

On the other hand… if you think it’s freaking awesome (and I think you will)... then just go ahead and implement what you learn…

Enjoy your new life of sexual magnetism… attracting women without effort… and having a sex life you’d normally only dream of...

And we’ll bill you $47.

That’s less than the price of dinner and a good bottle of wine… or over the course of a single month… that’s $1.57 per day. It’s like buying a cup of coffee for a month… and then you’re done.

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A man who women just naturally approach… who can get anything he wants in the bedroom, whenever he wants it?
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“Ruwan is a great coach. He helped me with my confidence around females in approaching them. I have become more comfortable in my own skin and am aware of what I do and what stops me in certain situations”
— S. Singh, former student
Lesson 1: Sexual Instinct
  •  How sexual attraction works on the "animal brain" level
  •  Why your anxiety is actually a good thing, you've just been using it wrong
  •  How to tap into your innate biology to unlock your raw sexual beast
Lesson 3: Sexual Touch Mechanics
  • The Sensory Feedback Loop (How I escalate from “Hello” to “I’m coming!” using signals from her body) Why your anxiety is actually a good thing, you've just been using it wrong
  •    Live female anatomy demo (all the secret spots)
  •  How to touch each part of her for maximum pleasure
Lesson 5: Your Sexual Vitality
  • Psychological factors that affect your virility
  •  How to get off energy-killers (like Porn)
  •  A mind-body technique to activate your sexual energy anytime
Lesson 2: The Female Brain
  • The differences between male and female sexual neurology
  •  How to read the best sexual approach for a woman (this will save you a ton of time) 
  •  The Secret Language of Sensation (all women naturally speak it)
Lesson 4: Dominance Psychology
  •  How to be dominant in a way that has her want to surrender
  •    A live how-to demo of the best Kink techniques
  •  How to tap into your innate biology to unlock your raw sexual beast
Lesson 6: Energetic Penetration
  •  How to make it feel like you have 10" inside of her  
  •  Attention techniques to have her feel your presence
  •  How to "open her up" emotionally show she'll want to let you in
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  •    What is the guarantee on this course? 
  •    This is our best material (and THE best material) you'll find on Sexual Magnetism. And we're so confident in it's value, that we'll let you decide whether or not it's worth it AFTER the class.
  •  Is there a number I can call if I need support or assistance?
  •    Yes our support line is (928) 793-6144. If our Support Extraordinaire, Kimberly would love to help you.
  •    How much sexual experience do I need to have to take this class?
  •    We are going to breakdown the entire human sexual connection from a totally new perspective. So it doesn't matter how much experience you have. You're going re-learn how to approach sexuality using your instincts.
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